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 LUCE ITALIA is an old member of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice(of which Murano is included)
in internet since 2000 (one of the first sites selling Murano chandeliers online)


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Beautiful 6 lights chandelier, requires a very qualified skills to make it. The price was € 3730.

Completely hand made by Murano masters, ready in our store, will ship in 2 weeks time

signed and dated

734-5 lights'')'')

Genuine glass fruits hand made in Murano and frame laquered in gold, selling because made double for a client.Only one as it is on photo, it was € 700.


Beautiful chandelier made as it was in 17th century.

The flowers are "torcello" type, it was €2800 now we must sell the last one

signed and dated


real strass crystal exclusive design will not see a similar one anywhere


very exclusive design on this table lamp, it was € 1500

signed and dated


Beautiful shade of green and exclusive design was € 2800

signed and dated


very modern design can fit on every type of forniture was € 2800

signed and dated

Prodotto 11651 (36'')'')

BEAUTIFUL ITEM unique design, must sell only one left

signed and dated
WAS € 2650


Beautiful chandelier with grapes was € 1900

real gold 24 kts trimmings

exclusive design, signed and dated by the artist



exclusive design and color (honey) signed and dated by the artist Mr.Scarpa Andrea

it was € 2800 guarantee GLOBECHARGE


Very exclusive modern masterwork, was sold for € 3840

signed and dated


Real Murano classic and elegant shape was  € 13500

selling with  history and signed and dated by the masters


24 kts gold on trimmings and drops, only one made

art.11908 -6+3'')'')

The last one of a production that is becaming very rare.

The price of this item was € 21000 but now we need to sell.

With a certificate with the names of the masters.


masterpiece made by the most beautiful colors and very skilled hand work.This is a demostration of what our best artists are able to create. need to sell at this price but it was € 4800

art. 11670'')'')

was € 780


very exlusive design on this chandelie created by our masters was € 2200

signed and dated


very exclusive design and beautiful mixing of opalesent glass and

It was € 2800

signed and dated


Perfect reproductione of a 16th chandelier, a real masterwork, signed and dated

it was € 1950


Fantastic color on this original item only one made 8 lights goes on every style of furniture

signed and dated


Very original item designed by master Scarpa has a beautiful mixing of green and gold.

For avery style of furniture, signed and dated.


Extraordinary  item made by the designer Moro Angelo of which has the signature the price was € 3900, must sell.