Working procedure of glass chandeliers


As every chandelier is a new experience for the master, and considering that he is also the designer of what is making, first of all he has to prepare a project on paper respecting the proportions and sizes(only one cm. more or less on one element can change completely the look of the item 

After blowing some glass, the master, helped by an other master(on those precious items, an apprendist cannot be used), is decorating a central part of a chandelier.

The master here is working on a lamp shade; he is making a decoration around the edge.


Now great experience is needed to create the arm of a chandelier which has to be first of all twisted and than shaped by eye judgement only.






This leaf has been made first by a straight stem surrounded by flattened glass and the shape of the tips made by cutting and pulling the glass(which has to be continually placed in the furnace to be kept soft and workable).


Here the second master is handing to the first master the stem of a big flower which had to be blown to avoid excessive weight on the structure. 

On this flower lamp holder the art and the ability of a master is very evident because this element is essential to the beauty of the finished product. 

After all the parts are completed they are placed in a cooling oven at 1200 C° for at least 24 hours or more because the glass has to be cooled slowly to prevent breakage or future fragility.
When all the parts are taken out from the cooling oven, they have to be cut to size, and chalk is placed around the base of each item to fit into a small aluminium holder.