Chandeliers, size and lights

A Murano glass chandelier has to be the most decorative element in your room; it will be noticed, appreciated and admired by your guests, so please do not put a small chandelier in a big room or a long one on a low ceiling, 80 inches from the floor to the end of the chandelier will be ok, but if the chandelier is placed over a table, this space can be reduced.
About width, to have an idea of how large your chandelier has to be, this formula is the right one:
In a square room: One wall (cm.) : 6 = Width of the chandelier(cm.)
In a square room: One wall(feet) x 2.2 = Width of the chandelier(inches)
If the place is rectangular, consider these formulas for the shorter wall, but if one wall is the double size of the other wall, we suggest to use two identical chandeliers.
About the number of lights, let's consider first the fact that on our chandeliers you can fit bulbs from 15 to 60 watts of power, so also with 5 or 6 lights  you can have a very bright place, on bigger chandeliers a good idea will be to install a double switch or a dimmer.
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